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We are delighted to introduce ourselves to you!

We hope you will find that OCCS is a warm, welcoming community of people of all ages and backgrounds who come together to pray, study, celebrate, socialize, raise families, support one another in good times and bad, participate in social action, and pass the traditions of Judaism on to our children. We are a traditional Conservative synagogue, egalitarian and highly participatory. For many of us, OCCS is where we find our home as Jews and blossom spiritually. Our members enjoy participating in and leading services and programs at OCCS.

We look forward to getting to know you and hope that you, too, will become part of the OCCS family.

Who we are


Along the wide spectrum of our membership are scholars of Judaic studies and members who have minimal knowledge of the Torah. We are lucky to have several individuals new to Judaism, as well as individuals who grew up deeply involved in Yiddishkeit; others who are just beginning to learn about their roots, several inter-religious families, and more. We look forward to remarkable growth as more Jews in our community discover the treasures that we have to offer, and others seek us out to learn about our faith and culture.

Everyone is welcome at all of our services. Shul shopping? Please try us a few times and let us know what you think. Be sure to introduce yourself so that we can personally greet you and answer any questions you might have about our synagogue and community.

May 5
Erev Shabbat
Light Candles 7:30 PM
May 6
Havdalah 8:31 PM
Zoom service 8:46 PM 


All service times are listed in the weekly Wednesday newsletter.


A festive thankful rededication ceremony - חנוכת הבית - will mark resumption of services in the shul.



Join the services by clicking HERE or on the following URL:


For the Or Chadash downloads you may be required to first download the free Dropbox app

  To download the Or Chadash Havdalah page (Hebrew) click HERE.

  To download the Or Chadash Havdalah page (Transliteration)

     click HERE.

  To download the Or Chadash Erev Shabbat service that includes transliterations click HERE.



Since these texts contain the name of God, please – if you print them – do not throw them away. We’ll be happy to properly recycle them when the shul re-opens (Bimhera v’yamenu – speedily in our day)






(Scholar in Residence)



SIR Adult Ed


SIR: Please join our Zoomed Howard Lenhoff Memorial Adult Education on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM. This coming session will continue Talmud

Tractate Pesachim


I hope that you will join the study group by clicking HERE or on the following URL:


To your good health,



Jewish Cemetery at Elmwood


Traditional Jewish Cemetery


at Historic Elmwood Cemetery


Rare opportunity: 

Limited number of plots.

​Just a few "couple" and 2 single plots remaining.

Synagogue membership not required

"Green" burial options

Plots can be resold

Your inquiries are welcome

Call (901) 435-6353

for details or to purchase.

**Price increase likely April 1**


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